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The UV/Vis spectrophotometer SPECORD® S 600 combines the precision and convenient handling needed in laboratories with speed, reliability and superior optical performance. This simultaneous high-performance diode array spectrophotometer works precise, fast, simultaneous.

The analytical advantages

  • High precision polychromator systems – permanently adjusted and fixed with no moving parts
  • Open sample compartment which accommodates all available accessories of the SPECORD® S 600
  • Excellent spectral properties, fast measurement of complete spectra in less than 12 milliseconds
  • Life Sience package for measurements of small sample volumes, determination of DNA/RNA (additional module)
  • Self adjusting photometric linearity
  • Automatic stray light correction
  • Easily accessible and interchangeable light sources
  • Self Check System (SCS)

The MCS (Multi Channel System) optics has proven its worth based on lasting dependability in laboratory analysis as well as process analysis.

High-precision optics

The polychromator systems, designed to work without any movable components, are the heart of the SPECORD® S 600. The high-precision optics consists of an aberration-corrected grating, a mechanical slit and the diode array detector. Encased in a rugged quartz-ceramic body, it is permanently adjusted, fixed and insensitive to external influences.

This design ensures extremely accurate and highly reproducible results. At the same time, SPECORD® S 600 provides all the flexibility needed to solve most analytical problems. Ruggedness, thermal stability as well as their high light yield are additional advantages of this device.

High-speed spectrometer

With a minimum scan rate of 12 milliseconds, from a spectral range of UV to NIR, the SPECORD® S 600 offers extremely fast analyses.


The modular Windows software package WinASPECT® is perfect for controlling the SPECORD® S 600 and for the evaluation of data.  

Linking WinASPECT® to LIMS systems as well as the user-specific export of data to external programs (e.g. Excel) are possible.

WinASPECT® consists of a comprehensive basic software and numerous specific tools for individual applications:

  • Data handling such as addition, subtraction, peak search, smoothing, derivative, interactive wavelength selection, integration and normalization
  • Quantitative analysis with statistical functions
  • Formula editor for creating individual formulas
  • Kinetics tool for evaluating time-controlled reactions
  • Life Science program package for the quantification of nucleic acids and protein
  • Water analysis with preprogrammed methods
  • Validation software for quality assurance of the analysis which is strictly based on the regulations
  • Macro programming for individual method development for automated measurement, evaluation and documentation processes
  • Comprehensive brewery analysis tool for determining the parameters like color, bitter substances, iodine, ethanol, sulfite
  • Tool for color determination like calculating the color coordinates using the different standard illuminant art, white/yellow index and color numbers, compliant with relevant standards
  • Tool for measuring the layer thickness of transparent coatings and foils

Conformity to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 ensures comprehensive user management, an electronic signature facility and the Audit Trail.


  • Standard cell holder, 50 mm
  • Cell holder, 100 mm
  • Holder for cylindrical cells up to 50 mm
  • Holder for cylindrical cells up to 100 mm
  • Holder for absorption tubes
  • Universal holder for accommodation of accessories
  • Cell holder, thermostatted, up to 50 mm
  • Cell holder, up to 10 mm, thermostatted without/with stirrer
  • Round cell holder for testkits
  • Solid sample holder
  • Adjustable cell holder for small cells aligned to the sample beam with path length 10 mm with beam height 15 and 8.5 mm
  • Adjustable cell holder for small cells aligned to the sample beam with path length 1/2/5/10 mm with beam height 8.5 mm
  • Fibre optical ultra micro cell/TrayCell
  • Peltier cooled cell holder with stirrer -5 °C–105 °C
  • Peltier cooled cell holder with stirrer 10 °C– 60 °C
  • Peltier cooled cell holder with stirrer, external heat exchanging -5 °C–105 °C
  • 6 cell changer for 10, 20, 40, 50 mm pathlength
  • 6 cell changer for 10 mm pathlength, water thermostatted without stirrer/with stirrer
  • 6 cell changer for 10 mm pathlength, Peltier cooled 10 °C–60 °C and external heat exchanging
  • 8 cell changer without stirrer/with stirrer for 10 mm pathlength, not thermostatted, water thermostatted, Peltier cooled, -5 °C–105 °C and external heat exchanging
  • Cassette sipper system with adjustable cell holder for 10/20/40/50 mm pathlength
  • xyz autosampler APG 64 with sample racks for 53 or 100 vials
  • Cell Carousel, not thermostatted, without stirrer, 15 places for cells 10 mm pathlength
  • Diffuse reflectance accessory with integrating sphere
  • 11°–60° variable angle reflectance accessory
  • Absolute reflectance accessory
  • Fiber coupling set UV
  • Fiber coupling set QX
  • Fiber coupling set SMA
  • Standard immersion probe
  • Fully automatic cell carousel with 52 positions

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Versatile applications

  • In chemical and biological laboratories performing qualitative and quantitative determinations
  • In process laboratories where routine sample batches need to be analyzed at high sample throughput

Application Notes

  • UV_ALL_10_08_e
    .pdf | 222.21 kB

    Derivative Spectroscopy

  • UV_ALL_05_09_e
    .pdf | 116.62 kB

    Determination of Zn in Water Samples

  • UV_ALL_05_08_e
    .pdf | 151.89 kB

    Determination of the Translucency of Dental Materials for Fillings Using the Integrating Sphere

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