At Value Scientific we pride ourselves for honest and professional service. We know it is vital for you to have the best and most reliable backup and support. Our goal is to ensure you are obtaining the best from your equipment at all times.

Customer Support

Professional assistance for your Value Scientific product is just a phone call away. Our dedicated team of technical experts are at hand to answer your questions over the phone or in person, whether it relates to a general inquiry or a complex problem.

Service Quality

By using genuine spare parts and factory supplied special tools you can be confident equipment serviced by Value Scientific performs to its best ability. Our factory certified engineers and application specialists regularly attend detailed training by our suppliers to ensure we always provide unparalleled after-sales service, as well as training for all the equipment we supply.

Service Administration

Our powerful Enterprise Resource Management System and Service Administration Module ensure adequate spare part availability and shortest possible repair turnaround times. We keep detailed records of all work performed and provide you with service reports for every job completed

Commissioning & Start Up

Our engineers are always available to commission your Value Scientific purchase. We offer fast and effective start-ups, minimising challenging issues and ensuring your staff are fully capable of using your valuable investment. Time can be put aside during the commissioning visits, to give on-site training, leaving your system fully operational and your operators knowledgeable in the equipment they are using.

Performance Certificates and Service Warranty

We issue test performance certificates for every service we do. Value Scientific will offer six month warranty for all equipment serviced.

Emergency Support

Value Scientific service contract customers enjoy Value Scientific emergency response 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Equipment Health Checks
Our Equipment Health Checks offer entry-level performance inspections and can be performed either at your facilities or in our workshop. You get a snapshot of the current equipment performance, as well as suggestions for future care and service plans.
Factory Repairs
In the rare case where Value Scientific is unable to service your equipment locally, we are able to facilitate factory repair services for you.
Value Scientific One-On-One Training

Book time with our experienced engineers to get in-depth training on your purchase. You can discuss any questions you might have such as
• technology theory
• application know how
• equipment settings and programming
• understanding process results, or simply get assistance with documentation.

Value Scientific Service Agreements

No matter whether you work for a business or a public institution, as a laboratory or production manager you are required to optimise productivity and minimise production downtimes. Failing equipment can cause unnecessary delays or loss of production income. .

Value Scientific offers a full range of standard service agreements to assist with risk management. Our range of options enable you to select the type of agreement to best suit your application and requirements. For ever greater flexibility, it is possible to tailor the agreement to suit your specific needs.

Standard Care

A fully inclusive service agreement with extended product warranty. This plan includes manufacturer compliant regular maintenance, break-down cover, service engineer cost, travel expenses and spare parts for one fixed annual fee.

Premium customers receive a guaranteed two (2) hours phone response time during office hours, and guaranteed on-site response in 24 hours (metro areas). For other metro areas outside of Sydney we guarantee a 48h on site response time.

Extended Care

All benefits of Standard Care, including service engineer cost and maintenance parts. Breakdowns are not covered, however you receive 15% discount on all associated costs.

Premium Care

Premium customers receive guaranteed 48 hours on-site response (metro areas). A cost effective agreement providing scheduled routine maintenance.

Contract holders benefit from 15% discounted parts and service engineer labour. You receive guaranteed same day phone response and on-site response in 72 hours.