Additional products and services for use with the NMReady-60 products are as follows:

Extended Warranty

Extra warranty can be purchased which includes return-to-depot repairs, software updates and optional monitoring.

Hardware Accessories

  • NMReady Flow for flow applications
  • Broken tube removal tool for safely clearing broken NMR tubes from the instrument
  • Additional NMR tube warmers for keeping samples at the optimal temperature
  • Screen protectors for the instrument’s touch screen
  • Additional shimming reference tube sets
  • Replacement air filters
  • Boxes of 5mm NMR tubes

Software Add-ons

  • Kinetic module for basic reaction monitoring
  • Remote operation module for controlling a networked spectrometer from desktop PCs, laptops and smartphones.
  • Access to NMReady CONNECT, an open API for developers
  • Experiment development environment

or please contact your sales representative for pricing.