Karl Fischer Titrator AQUA 40.00

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Karl Fischer Titrator AQUA 40.00
Karl Fischer Titrator AQUA 40.00 is available for purchase in increments of 1



The titrator AQUA 40.00 enables the determination of water in various samples as well as the differentiation between several forms of bonded water according to the Karl Fischer method.

The optimized heating technique employed permits oils and solids to be determined without laborious preparation. This way, contamination of the measuring cell with insoluble substances is prevented. The use of autosamplers (also for solids) saves time and thus money.

At a glance

  • Suitable for all common Karl Fischer reagents
  • Optimally designed heating modules permit also problematic samples to be analyzed without contamination of the measuring cell
  • No external gas connector required; extraction gas routed in closed-loop system
  • Fast and complete water extraction also at low temperatures
  • Automation for liquid and solid samples and headspace technique is possible
  • Modular design provides extension also for headspace applications at any time

But that`s not all – the Karl Fischer titrator has much more to offer:

  • Exchangeable modules 
  • User-friendly software 
  • Precise analysis results, even with a problematic matrix 
  • Customized analyses reports
  • Additional information on bonding strength of water


Many different accessories are available for special applications:

Autosampler for solids
The autosampler is designed for automated dosage and contains an exchangeable sample tray, which can be purged with inert gas during operation.

Autosampler for liquids
This autosampler is designed for automatic injection of liquids into the measuring cell. It has an exchangeable sample tray for 36 and 53 places.

Heating chamber for oils
Add-on module for the AQUA 40.00 with optimally designed oil chamber for rapid water determination in oil samples

Heating chamber for solids
Thanks to the gas extraction in the miniaturized heating chamber a fast water desorption from the sample is guaranteed. By circulation of extraction gas, the system does without expensive drying.

Gas-drying module
Module for measurements in inert gas atmosphere

High-temperature furnace module
The furnace module allows the sample to be heated isothermally in the range of 800 – 1300 °C.

Gas dosing module
For the dosing of large volumes of pressurized gases

Reagent-changing module
For draining the measuring cell and filling it with new Karl Fischer solution

Fan module
Fast cooling of the heating chamber for solids and oils, especially for applications with temperature program

Head space module
In combination with the head space heating module, AQUA 40.00 offers interesting applications for the determination of solids, pasty, high-viscosity or oily material.

The device convinces by:

  • Samples can be filled into hermetically sealed headspace vials right after sampling
  • Closed-loop gas circulation spares additional gas drying and reduces reagent consumption
  • Combination of furnace and autosampler allows easy automation of sample feeding
  • Isothermal or temperature-programmed
  • Gentle heating procedure (almost at ambient temperature) for sensitive samples
  • Software features user-defined log-in, routine methods with individually definable user levels, complete documentation and archiving of the measured data
  • Software complies with the requirements of FDA to 21 CFR Part 11
  • Stand-by titration for automatic conditioning
  • Easy determination of blank
  • Continual system check by analysis of standard prior to, during and after measuring cycle
  • Possibility of determination of express samples

Manual version
The AQUA 40.00 basic module is coupled with the headspace furnace. This combination is used to run single measurements. The headspace module consists of an electrically heated furnace into which the sample vials are manually placed.

Automated version
The manual version can be combined with a sample changer (30 positions). The samples can be processed in any order. Express samples can be defined individually.

Gas-dosing unit
Combined with the new gas-dosing unit, the Karl Fischer titrator AQUA 40.00 allows selective water determination in gases, natural gas, industrial gases, acetylenes, biogas, to mention just a few.

The titrator is especially user-friendly on account of its high mobility at gas sampling points. The gas-dosing module is mounted on the basic module inside a case. The convenient gas-dosing module also allows precise and reproducible dosing of large gas volumes into the coulometric measurement cell. The module can connect an upstream pressure of up to 100 bar to the gas sampling point or gas cylinder. Two purge lines also avoid condensation effects. One purge line facilitates rapid purging with measurement gas, also with larger line cross-sections, and the other allows the rotameter to be purged during breaks in measurement. Unwanted sulfurous compounds can be removed with a trap. The specially adapted software comes equipped with a formula generator. The water content in μg/Nm³ can be put out for the user upon entry of the air pressure, gas temperature and dosed gas volume.


Application Notes

  • KF_01_07_e
    .pdf | 618.31 kB

    Determination of Water Content in Gases

  • KF_02_05_e
    .pdf | 72.51 kB

    Measurement of Water in Crude Oil

  • KF_03_03_e
    .pdf | 49.43 kB

    Water Determination in Lyophilisaten: Application to Gas Extraction


Device Versions

Pocket Titrator

The Pocket Titrator is based on the coulometric titration principle. The sample is injected right into the measuring cell.

At a glance:

  • Precise and rapid
  • Compact, light-weight, robust
  • Wide range of applications
  • Internal battery operable for 8 hours
  • Water determination by Karl Fischer method
  • Bromine number/Bromine index 
  • H2S in gases and fluids
  • SO2 and NH3 analysis


  • Infinitely variable electrolysis current for very short analysis duration 
  • The titration rate is adjusted automatically to current application amount to be titrated
  • Automatically electrolysis controlled (AEC)
  • Low background drift measuring cell
  • Suitable for all commonly used Karl-Fischer reagents
  • High precision even in low concentrations
  • Preconfigured methods
  • User friendly software — click only once to start measurement

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