Terms and Conditions

Binding Agreement:
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the customer will be bound by these terms and conditions if the customer places an order with Value Scientific. Value Scientific is not bound by any terms and conditions issued by the customer. Value Scientific’s quotation, order confirmation and delivery documentation forms the entire agreement between the customer and Value Scientific.

Prices are quoted in Australian Dollar or other currencies as indicated in our web shop.

Our prices do not include GST or any other tax imposed by law. These will be charged in addition to our quoted prices. Value Scientific is not responsible for assisting the customer in recovering any taxes applied.

Prices do not include installation, commissioning or user training unless stated otherwise.

Item Descriptions:
Any representation, promise, statement or description by Value Scientific, other than those set out in writing as part of our store description or through manual quotation are excluded. The customer expressly acknowledges that it has to solely rely upon his or her own fit–for-purpose evaluation when making their purchase decision and indemnifies Value Scientific from claims resulting through an incorrect fit-for-purpose perception.

Customer Orders:
Once Value Scientific has accepted an order it cannot be cancelled by the customer without written approval by Value Scientific.

The supply of goods and services is subject to availability. Value Scientific reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the supply of goods or services at any time. If Value Scientific is unable to completely fulfill the customer’s order the customer has to accept part fulfillment and these terms & conditions apply to the items actually delivered.

Value Scientific reserves the right to refuse quotation or delivery against any orders placed if Value Scientific has reasonable doubt of lawful product use, if goods are intended for re-export or if Value Scientific has any other concerns about the customer’s integrity. Value Scientific is not required to specify the reason for refusing quotations or deliveries.

Value Scientific accepts no responsibility for errors made in our quotations including dimensions, performance data, specifications, prices, quantities or otherwise and reserves the right to submit corrected quotations upon notice of errors.

Delivery Time and Place:
Our delivery will be done to the customers store. On site transport of goods is excluded.

Value Scientific delivery time statements are based on our best knowledge at time of the quotation and are subject to change in accordance with our supplier’s manufacturing schedules, the availability of shipping space and through any kind of force majeure.

Force majeure includes but is not limited to acts of god, labour disputes, strike, lockout, accident, unavailability of materials or parts or components, fire, earthquake, storm or any other natural disaster.

Value Scientific is allowed reasonable extension of delivery time or termination of the customers order if the delay is deemed not acceptable.

Value Scientific is not liable for any customer damages or losses caused through late delivery or cancellation.

The customer is responsible to pay for all items received even if complete delivery is not possible.

Transport Damage:
The customer must inspect goods and services immediately following delivery. A written claim for transport damage must be received within 7 days after delivery of goods. The claim must state the Value Scientific invoice number. Transport damages claimed later than 7 days after delivery of the order are not possible.

Unless specifically stated in our quotation Value Scientific shipments are ex Value Scientific.

Where shipment is quoted and purchased, Value Scientific shipments are on CPT basis excluding transport insurance.

Return of Goods:
Goods cannot be returned to Value Scientific unless accepted in writing. A re-stocking fee of 20% of the invoice value applies.

Returned goods must be in original packing and in as-new condition. If not returned in as-new condition Value Scientific will apply trade-in practice.

Custom made goods or goods, which have been altered or tampered with cannot be returned.

Freight charges for return of goods are the responsibility of the customer. If not send free into Value Scientific’s store, shipping cost will be deducted from the goods return credit.

Payment Terms:
Payment terms are either payment in advance during your shop transaction or, unless otherwise agreed and if the customer is approved for credit, the customer has to pay within 14 days of Value Scientific’s invoice when a company PO is used during the shop transaction.

We accept payment by credit card (Visa and Mastercard only) without any surcharges.

Customer Default:
If the customer does not make payment by invoice due date, commits any other breach of our terms and conditions or becomes insolvent or is reasonably suspected by Value Scientific to be insolvent we may do the following without limiting any other right or claim we have against the customer:

Charge late payment fees on daily basis at bank overdraft rates plus 6% handling charge.

Cancel or suspend any unfulfilled orders or cease providing any services.

Terminate any orders or contracts between Value Scientific and the customer with immediate effect and request immediate payment of all outstanding monies.

Cancel any discount or any other commercial agreements in place.

Enter, at any time, into the customer premise in which our goods are located to enable Value Scientific to inspect or reclaim our possessions without liability for trespass, negligence or payment of any compensation.

Lodge a caveat or similar title over any property of the customer as an institute to recover our monies on the customers cost and expense.

No offset:
If any part of our invoice is in dispute the balance will remain payable and must be paid when due. The customer has no right to offset any claim against Value Scientific from monies owed to Value Scientific.

Passing of Risk:
Goods supplied by Value Scientific to the customer are at the customer’s risk upon delivery to the customer in accordance to above rules on delivery and place of delivery.

Transfer of ownership:
Transfer of product ownership to the customer will only take effect after full payment of all outstanding invoices from Value Scientific.  Until then all products delivered remain property of Value Scientific. The customer is not allowed to on sell or ship to a third party unless our invoices are paid except where such sales are the normal course of business for the customer. By the act of on selling or shipping to a third party the customer assignes the extended ownership and proceeds to Value Scientific.

Whenever any software products are incorporated or form part of our products Value Scientific and the customer agree that such software products are licensed and not sold and that words similar to “purchase” or “sell” are understood to mean “license”.

Both parties hereby agree that Value Scientific is granting the customer a royalty free, non-exclusive and non-transferable license. The customer is not entitled to sub-license. The software is solely supplied for the customer’s internal use. The customer expressly agrees to not sell, transfer, loan other otherwise make our software available to third parties.

Export restrictions:
The customer acknowledges that all goods supplied by Value Scientific are intended for use within the country specified during order placement, and must not be re-exported without prior consent of Value Scientific.

All re-exports are subject to Australian and International export regulations and restrictions.

Unless otherwise specified Value Scientific warrants new products for 12 month from date of invoice against defective parts and faulty workmanship. Warranties for consumable items is limited to 6 months. Normal wear and tear is expressly excluded from warranty.

Warranty only applies to products, which were used as intended and in compliance to the manufacturer users manual.

Any tampering with, non-user manual compliant use or attempted repair by the customer will void our warranty.

Our warranty only covers repair, or at Value Scientific’s discretion, replacement of the product. Warranty repairs are only performed in our facility. Shipping cost to and from our facility are on the customer’s account. Cost for removal or re-installation are on the customer’s account.

Value Scientific is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever and howsoever arising including but not limited to loss arising by delay, non-delivery, defective materials or faulty workmanship out of or in connection with the goods or services supplied by Value Scientific. We are not liable for direct or indirect loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of use of goods, loss of resale, loss of goodwill or increased cost even in case of negligence on Value Scientific, any of our employees or subcontractors.

The customer expressly agrees that our goods and services are not considered consumer goods but are solely for business-to-business purpose.

These terms and conditions exclude all other regulations on warranties or liabilities as far as permitted by law.

All warranty claims are provided during normal work hours only. If warranty claims need to be addressed outside of normal working hours then the customer is liable for additional associated charges by Value Scientific. Such charges can include overtime rates, weekend rates, public holiday rates, meals, accommodation and travel cost.

Governing Law:
The law of New South Wales applies to these terms and conditions. Both parties irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the appropriate court convenient to Value Scientific in respect of any claims, proceedings and matters arising out of in respect of these terms and conditions.

If any clause or term in these terms and conditions is unenforceable, illegal or void then all other provisions in these terms and conditions shall remain in force.

Variations to these terms and conditions are only possible in writing and must be authorised by a Value Scientific Director