Flame AAS

There is no successful analysis without a mature, precise burner-nebulizer system:

  • Universal coded titanium burner, corrosion resistant nebulizer and adjustable impact bead achieve best performance
  • Inert teflon mixing chamber for ideal aerosol formation and high vaporization efficiency
  • Fully automated gas box ensures maximum safety in all operating steps 
  • Fully automated high adjustment for optimum conditions and best results

In today\'s laboratories, automation of the AA flame mode is more important than ever. Fast analysis, automated dilution, reliable quality monitoring, all with uncomplicated handling, are a must.

Autosamplers for the flame mode make your routine analysis of standards and samples almost fully automatic. Integrated in the overall concept of the instrument, either sampler can be simply hung directly into the sample compartment. This saves space and minimizes tubing lengths. The best way to prevent contamination in case of real samples.

In combination with the hydride technique all flame AAS instruments from Analytik Jena enable the determination of the hydride forming element, such as As, Se, Sb, Te, Bi and Sn.

Solutions for flame AAS from Analytik Jena