AAS Accessories


Flexibility and efficiency, musts in fully automatic sample preparation, are provided by intelligent autosamplers for more than just automatic dosing. Functions such as intelligent dilution and reconcentration, automatic dosing of modifiers, and automatic depth adjustment, combined with high dosing precision, make overnight operation a mere routine and guarantee profitable sample throughputs.

AS-F and AS-FD — Autosamplers for flame mode, hydride techniques and atomic fluorescence

The autosamplers for the flame mode AS-F and AS-FD make your routine analyses of standards and samples almost fully automatic.

Integrated into the overall concept of the basic instruments, either sampler can be simply hung directly into the sample compartment: This saves space and minimizes tubing lengths. And it is the best way to prevent contamination in case of real samples. The intelligent dilution function of the AS-FD makes manual dilution, a time-consuming and error-prone process, unnecessary. Automatically, it dilutes your samples down to a factor of 1:800. If concentrations exceed the calibration range, an automatic clean control prevents contamination of the subsequent samples.


Modular Mercury/Hydride Systems

Two different operation modes are available for chemical vapor generation: flow injection and batch mode — each one with its specific advantages and fields of application. Analytik Jena’s hydride systems are based on a modular concept. They can easily be adapted to changing requirements of an analytical lab using upgrade modules. All systems can easily be upgraded by adding new functions, e.g. adding an amalgamation module, or converting a batch into a flow injection system.

  • Flow injection as well as batch mode available
  • Systems can be upgraded at any time – it “grows” with the lab’s requirements
  • Easy exchange between all configurations
  • Color-coded tubing connections and flow scheme – easy replacement of consumables
  • Upgrade to HydrEA, easy exchange between mercury/hydride and HydrEA
  • Special mercury accessories
  • Fast Baseline Return drastically reduces the measurement time for mercury
  • Fully compliant with all applicable DIN, ISO, EPA and ASTM methods for mercury and hydride analysis

AS-GF — Graphite Furnace Autosamplers

Autosamplers for graphite technique — more than only a sampler

With AS-GF, the autosampler for the graphite tube furnace technique, automated sample preparation and analysis are easy: 

  • Automatic generation of reference curves from one or several stock solutions
  • Dosing of extremely small sample volumes with excellent repeatability
  • Automatic sample dilution and enrichment by a specified factor
  • Intelligent dilution of samples exceeding the calibration range; clean control limits to avoid contamination
  • Automatic enrichment of samples below the calibration range
  • Unique automatic correction of the immersion depth for every vessel containing samples or other liquids
  • Robust, low-noise operation
  • Fast, easy adjustment

Its many functions and the automatic running of optimizing routines make AS-GF an intelligent sample preparation station.


solid AA® – Direct Solid Samplers

Automatic and manual feeding – direct analysis of solids

Three different feeding systems for solid samples are available:

SSA 6 z – manual solid sampler

Manual module for the reproducible insertion and removal of the sample carrier. Even with external manual weighing, automatic data transfer is made via the ASpect software.

SSA 600 – automatic solid sampler with integrated microbalance

This system allows routine solid AAS. Not only transport of the loaded sample carrier into the furnace but also weighing with the fully integrated microbalance is completely automated. A specially optimized sample carrier can be used for many kinds of solids – from powders to lumps. The carrier geometry ensures optimum atomizing conditions in the solid tube and reliable transfer processes in sample feeding.

SSA 600L – fully automated solid sampler with liquid dosing unit

Equipped with an additional liquid dosing unit, the SSA 600L offers the highest possible degree of automation for routine and research. The autosampler does not just weigh and transport the samples automatically, it also carries out the calibration with liquid standards and the addition of a modifier, reducing the user‘s effort to a minimum.


Online Dilution

Sample measurements, automatic and intelligent dilution of the sample and flushing of the burner and nebulizer/spray chamber during one uninterrupted measurement cycle by the auto-sampler AS-FD with an integrated auto dilution function in combination with SFS 6, fully controlled by the instrument´s control system


Injektion module "Segmented Flow Star" SFS 6

The software controlled SFS for injection mode operation is convincing by:

  • Easy operation of samples with high salt or acid content
  • Stable burner conditions guaranteed by continuous rinsing and constant temperature conditions
  • Automatic metering of smallest sample volumes by time-controlled flow injection


The Scraper is an intelligent, automatic, software-controlled cleaning device:

  • It is used for the nitrous oxide burner head for troublefree work over a long period
  • Once activated in the software the Scraper guarantees a continuous and reproducible measuring cycle in the routine analysis
  • Before each sample measurement and calibration the slot is cleaned